Dr. Cheryl Martin

Dr. Cheryl Martin headshot

Founder, Harwich Partners //  Advisors

Galvanize Climate Solutions is a mission driven investment platform built to produce and scale vital climate solutions.

Dr. Cheryl Martin founded Harwich Partners to engage public and private sector entities in designing and implementing solutions for complex problems, especially those related to energy, sustainability, urban development, and technology adoption at scale.

Previously she was a member of the Managing Board at the World Economic Forum where she was responsible for a range of business and innovation initiatives. Before this, Cheryl had served as the Acting Director of the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy (ARPA-E). She was also the Deputy Director for Commercialization at the agency where she developed the Technology-to-Market program, which helps breakthrough energy technologies succeed in the marketplace. Prior to joining ARPA-E, Cheryl was an Executive in Residence at Kleiner Perkins after a career with Rohm and Haas Company in roles ranging from technology development to investor relations and business management.

Cheryl serves as the chair of the Board for Sound Agriculture, an early-stage sustainable agriculture technology company, as well as on the Boards for Menzies Aviation, one of the largest aviation services businesses in the world, Evergreen Climate Innovations (Chicago) and Elemental Excelerator (HI and CA). She received her PhD in organic chemistry from MIT.