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As we continue to grow, we are looking for team members who personify our cultural values of uncompromising excellence and radical collaboration.

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Our cultural values.

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    Bold Action Paired with Uncompromising Excellence

    • Our mission is to provide the capital, expertise, and partnerships necessary to produce and scale vital and urgent climate solutions, and we are committed to the principles that guide us.
    • Given the urgency of the climate crisis, winning slowly is the same as losing.
    • We challenge the status quo and are willing to take calculated risks.
    • We commit to our decisions and progress them quickly into action.
    • Each of us takes pride in our respective crafts and skills, and we hold ourselves accountable for delivering at an exceptional degree of quality.
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    Intentional About Diversity

    • Diversity across multiple dimensions (thought, experience, background, gender, race, religion, to name a few) makes us stronger and more effective as an organization.
    • Most of what we do at Galvanize is multidisciplinary in nature and depends on our ability to activate diverse viewpoints.
    • We strive to build an organization that reflects the kind of multi-faceted and inclusive effort it will take to overcome the climate crisis.
  • Collaboration

    Radical Collaboration

    • We believe that all parts of the system are needed to move forward.
    • Our mutually shaped decisions are better than our individually held opinions.
    • We are excited about helping each other grow as professionals and people.
    • We need a mutually supportive and sustainable team environment to allow us to meet our high expectations, take risks, shoulder the climate crisis, and effectuate real change.
  • Respect

    Respect For All

    • Every single member of this team has an important role to fulfill, regardless of title or function, and deserves our respect.
    • Respect means communicating our expectations, praise, and constructive advice directly and kindly, and valuing each teammate for the daily contributions they are making to our collective success.
  • Integrity

    Unwavering Integrity

    • We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and decency.
    • We do not take shortcuts when it comes to ethical considerations or business practices, and we speak up when we witness questionable behavior.
    • We prioritize our impact on climate and the interests of our investors over other considerations.

Diversity Statement

Galvanize is committed to recruiting, engaging, and retaining talent that is diverse across all dimensions. We will apply our team’s different experiences, backgrounds, and viewpoints to drive better decision making in advance of scaling vital and urgent climate solutions. Consideration of the equitable distribution of global climate transition impacts and benefits, will be a core tenet of our decision-making and organization. This consideration guides Galvanize’s culture, structure, investment strategy, and advocacy efforts. Galvanize is committed to building a broadly diverse organization from its ownership to its workforce.