About Us.

Galvanize is a climate-focused global investment firm delivering capital and integrated expertise to accelerate climate solutions and create long-term value for our investors.

Climate Imperative, Economic Opportunity.

The climate crisis demands the reshaping of 150 years of development in just 30 years1. This transition will permeate every sector of the economy and require rebuilding of foundational systems like power, transportation, manufacturing, buildings, and agriculture. We believe that companies that lead this critical transformation of our economy— reshaping industries while driving decarbonization— represent an important opportunity for investors.

1World Economic Forum, 2021.

Built with purpose.

With decades of experience building and managing multi-billion dollar companies and investment strategies, co-founders Tom Steyer and Katie Hall established Galvanize as a climate-focused global investment firm. Led by a world-class team of climate, investment, technical, policy, and communications experts, Galvanize is purpose-built to accelerate transformative climate solutions while aiming to achieve compelling returns.